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Kelly is a remarkable coach, mentor and friend. She guides and leads with a generous open heart and a calm, caring presence. Committed to helping others embrace personal change and move towards expanding, meaningful growth, she inspires women to use self-compassion as a guiding principle. She has helped me to discover an inner strength and resilience, that I never knew I had an as a result, a confidence to step up to new possibilities. Kelly has been my biggest supporter, celebrating my tiny wins and milestone moments. She has been an inspiring role model, offering invaluable support through her wealth of knowledge and personal experience. She has a wonderful way of weaving wisdom  with practical advice and imaginative tips. I appreciate how much she leads by example and continues to share her life experience in an effort to support others. If you're considering working with Kelly, I highly recommend taking the opportunity if it is offered. It will be one of the best decisions you make for yourself and your life.

Karen K., Switzerland

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