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I love being part of a movement that celebrates recovery. 

Recovery to me means: letting go of what is no longer serving us and cultivating new tools that strengthen us from the inside. It means being honest with ourselves that sometimes life hurts and embracing the fact that we're not doing anything wrong when it does. Accepting that it is just part of the human condition can give us a real sense of relief. Recovery means trusting that we're strong enough to meet life as it IS rather than how we think it SHOULD be. It means developing a sense of resiliency, knowing we'll be able to ride out stormy waves that come our way. Recovery means empowerment. It means living in our integrity. It means accepting the duality of any given moment and cultivating the filter of gratitude because that is the part we have control over. It means connecting with others who mirror back to us our most beautiful selves--as we do for them.

So while I'm not sure what the word "recovery" brings up to me it brings up a triumphant sense of celebration.


May we all choose recovery.

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